About Me

‘An authentic account sharing about and exploring my life as a Mission Partner.’

Living my best life in blue

Hello lovely people,

My name is Azaria, and it is a pleasure to welcome you to my blog site. Thank you for taking a moment to read a little more about me. I hope this provides some insights into who I am and both why I am here online sharing about my life and here in Guatemala, living as a Mission Partner.

The first thing you should know about me is that I am living in the freedom of Christ, redeemed and whole through His precious blood and the grace of God, our loving Father. In God I am fully known and loved and I strive to know Him more daily, deeply desiring that others can too.

My creativity and emotive nature help me to see the world through the type of tinted lenses that focus on all the potential and possibilities. I find taming that into tangible action is the hard part. Yet with God all things are possible and He is my foundation and guide.

I love storytelling, partly because of how it allows me to process the world around me and express myself but also for the way it can draw others in. It allows us glimpses into something new or different, enabling people to engage with the world from a different perspective.

We all have stories to tell and they are all connected to God’s story. It is an honour to be able to share parts of my story with you all through this blog site. It is God who has taken this Yorkshire lass from the lush green Dales across an ocean to Guatemala City and given me my own extraordinary kind of ordinary life, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

It was in the slums of Mumbai, India, at the age of 16 (almost 15 years ago now) when God first broke my heart for His people; specifically, people restricted by material poverty and at times also trapped by a ‘poverty mindset’ and in some cases poverty of spirit, searching for a saviour. The journey since has been incredible. I have been humbled, repeatedly, seen and experienced the world in many contexts and cultures, and seen God’s hand and work in every step along the way. I have been undone and remade by The Potter’s gentle hands many times, each one a new opportunity to learn and grow, closer to God and deeper into His call on my life.

As I mentioned above my call has more recently led me to Guatemala, which you can read more about if you follow the link, ‘From India to Guatemala.’ All I will say here is that it was orchestrated by God and I simply did my best to obey and follow. The result being that I have the privilege of living in the diverse and beautiful capital of Guatemala working alongside and supporting ‘at risk’ children and young people. The resulting blessings are mutual.

My hope is that I can share an authentic account of my life as a mission partner living and serving in Guatemala. The good, the bad and the ugly, there is plenty of all three, both in ministry and in my own life journey.

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